Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mirrored Race Swim Goggles Review!

Mirrored Race Swim Goggles


- 100% PVC and latex free. 
- 180 degrees distortion-free visibility. 
- Super ANTI-FOG treatment and UV protection. 
- Nice STURDY DOUBLE BAND strap and nose piece. 
- SHATTER and SCRATCH RESISTANT MIRRORED polycarbonate lenses. 

- Cool Mirrored coated PC lenses make you different from others 
- Mirror lenses providing a broader range of visibility and detail as well as a safer swimming experience! 
- SLEEK and ERGONOMIC design that let you feel comfortably. 
- AEGEND swim goggle will not slip, not leak, not fog after short wear like other swimming goggles do. 
- The SOFT silicone gasket around the eyes is super comfortable and does not leave nasty red marks around your eyes for hours after swimming. 

Easy Care and Maintenance: 
-To clean goggles: always rinse completely under cold water to remove chlorine, salt, sand and other contaminants and allow to air dry in a warm, clean environment. 
-Do not leave your goggles out under direct sunlight as this can dry the soft silicone seals and fade its color. 
-Never rub or wipe the insides of your lenses as this can scratch or remove the anti-dog coating. 
-Protect your swimming goggles by storing them in their protective case (included) 

These googles are amazing! I love swimming and use them all the time in my pool. I was looking for a nice high quality pair that i can have for a long while. I like how it comes with its own case so i can store them away when i am done. They fit very well too. Compared to other kinds that i have used in the past, these are just way better. Super nice! and High Quality!! 

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I received this free in exchange for my honest review!

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