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The Hybrids Family Movie Review & Giveaway!!

Los Angeles, CA – Vision Films has just released the perfect family film for Halloween, “The Hybrids Family,” on DVD & VOD. “The Hybrids Family” is a witty and unique comedy about a dysfunctional family of vampires and witches, suitable for children and teens, and fun for adults too!

Teenage siblings Blaz and Velana have a secret—they’re the world’s first vampire/witch hybrids! Their vampire father and witch mother have kept them hidden away for years, but when they fly the coup to start a new normal life, a supernatural family-filled adventure ensues.
“The Hybrids Family” stars Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas), Carolyn Hennesy (True Blood, Revenge), Mojean Aria (The Bronx Bull), Leanne Agmon (Blue Bloods) and Anne Leighton (Grimm) and was directed by Tony Randel (Beyond Belief, Hellbound: Hellraiser II). It was written by Tony Schweikle and produced by Peter HAS III Inc. and Anthony Entertainment
Blaz and Velana use their power of teleportation to move to Palm Beach, Florida to pursue their dreams. Young romance is on the cards for Blaz, who dreams of a filmmaking career, while Velana seeks the courage to sing in public.  Their irate parents are determined to put the kabbash on their plans—and to make matters worse, a scheming warlock and his henchmen are hot on the teens’ trail.  But with the ages-old Vampire vs. Witch battle still going strong, it looks like their paternal grandfather, The Count, and matriarch witch grandmother will have to make peace in order to help these spunky hybrids out of their otherworldly conundrum!
Recipient of the Dove Foundation seal of approval, “The Hybrids Family” is a fun and comedic story for the whole family this Halloween that offers a positive message about the importance of family connection and cross-cultural acceptance.
Director Tony Randel says: The script for The Hybrids Family came to me at the exact time I was learning to say goodbye to my children's childhood and send them off to college and their futures.  It's a melancholy, bittersweet moment for any parent but one that needs to be met gracefully as children leave their youth and embrace their hopeful futures.  This is the story I wanted to tell." 
Managing Director / CEO of Vision Films Lise Romanoff says: “Vampire, witches and warlocks—oh my!  Perfect for young viewers who want to experience a fantasy world that speaks to their own real-life challenges in a meaningful, entertaining way.  And perfect for parents looking for upbeat appropriate films to watch with the whole family.”
“The Hybrids Family” is available now!
Order on DVD:

One lucky reader will get their own copy!
Starts 10/15/16 12pm est and ends 10/20/16 12pm est. US 18+

About Vision Films
Vision Films is an Independent Worldwide Distributor and VOD Aggregator of over 800 Feature Films, Documentaries and Music Programs from some of the most prolific independent film producers in the world.  Vision Films manages all available rights from Theatrical, DVD, Television and VOD/Digital Media in both the International and Domestic marketplaces. Led by Lise Romanoff, Managing Director/CEO Worldwide Distribution, Visions USA/Canadian DVD/VOD label releases 2-4 films a month, providing a day-and-date Theatrical, DVD and VOD release through all cable and digital platforms.  Shannon Godwin is Visions Director of Domestic Distribution and Sisi Cronin is Visions Publicist.

LEGO KidsFest Cleveland 2016 Nov. 4-6th!

The LEGO KidsFest is a traveling LEGO extravaganza featuring millions of LEGO bricks and dozens of hands-on, educational, and fun building activities for all ages. It features dozens of life-sized LEGO models and displays, LEGO building areas, the Big Brick Pile, race ramps and more, all covering more than three acres of space. 

Five identical sessions are available. 

Tickets are $19 for the Friday and Sunday afternoon sessions, and $22 for both sessions on Saturday and the Sunday morning session. 
For more information


These events sell out fast, here is the current ticket status
UPDATED 10/21/16

Friday 4-8:30 pm: Tickets Available 
Sat. Session 1 (9am- 1:30pm): Limited
Sat. Session 2 3:00pm- 7:30): sold out!
Sunday Session 1 (9am- 1:30pm): Tickets Available
Sunday Session 2(3:00pm- 7:30) : Limited

Congrats to my blog reader Amanda M. on winning the two tickets to Lego Kidsfest Nov. 4!


More than 400 billion LEGO bricks have been produced since 1949.
The LEGO minifigure represents the world's largest population of people! More than four billion minifigures have been produced in the last 30 years. This is almost 12 times the population of the United States!
LEGO minifigures are out of this world, literally. The two Mars Rovers have an image of the LEGO minifigure etched into their front grill.
Approximately seven LEGO sets are sold each second.
There are about 62 LEGO bricks for every one of the world's six billion inhabitants.
Laid end to end, the number of LEGO bricks sold in a year would reach more than five times around the world.
There are 915 million ways to combine six eight-stud LEGO bricks.
Children around the world spend five billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks.
With a production of about 306 million tires produced a year, the LEGO group is the largest producer of tires in the world.
LEGO is the contraction of two Danish words, "leg godt" which means "play well".
More than 19 billion LEGO elements are produced every year. More than 2.16 million LEGO elements are molded every hour, or 36,000 per minute.
It took 50 hours and 68,000 LEGO bricks to make the storybook in the LEGO Disney Princess at the shows.

The largest LEGO Model ever built is the life sized X-Wing fighter. It took more than 17000 hours to build over 5m bricks and 46000 pounds.

By 2020, LEGO's aim is to make sure that 100% of its energy will be balanced by renewable energy sources.


I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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Love With Food Box!

Love With Food is a monthly snack subscription service that sends a box right to subscriber's doors every month and is a great way to help people discover and sample exciting and unique all-natural or organic snacks. If you like a snack in the box, you can then buy more online in our snack shop at  

 For every box sold, at least a MEAL is donated to a food bank. And so far, Love With Food has donated over A MILLION meals  

They offer three different Snack Boxes - the Tasting (smaller version of the Deluxe), Deluxe, or Gluten-Free (same size as the Deluxe and all snacks are certified Celiac Safe).

Here's an unique offer link for my readers to get 25% off their first Love With Food Deluxe Box:

Love with Food sent me a nice Deluxe box with some pretty tasty goodies! I opened it right away and had to share with my boys. Everything was perfect and tasted great. I love that with every box they donate to a food bank! I would recommend and try the monthly subscription you wont be disappointed! 

 #lovewithfood  @lovewithfood

I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.