Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Command House Party Pack! #Spookifyparty

Command™ Brand products

Make your Halloween decorations the life of the party with Command™ Brand products. They hold securely and remove cleanly without damaging your walls, so you can live it up without worrying about taking them down.  
House Party and Command sent me a complimentary party pack to try out some of their awesome products! I hosted a #spookifyparty and did a project with materials sent. First off let me tell you that I have been using these products for all occasions.  There are so many kinds of products; party, which includes ballon bunchers, anchors, clips, hooks. Then for everyday use; picture hanging, bath and even outdoor. I love Command! The best part is that they actually hold up and when you need to remove it comes off and there is absolutely no damage to your item or the wall!
I received: 
 Command Party Ceiling Hooks
Banner Anchors
Balloon Bunchers
Balloon Clips
Light Clips
Refill Strips
Clear Mini Hooks
Clear Med. Hooks

Command Party Pack
Booklet with ideas, projects, and coupons!

Banner and Ceiling hooks!

Balloon Bunchers

Inside the Command booklet was lots of tips and projects to do. Here I have a really neat one to do that was pretty easy. I have the steps listed below. 1st grab several sheets of tissue paper, the longer the bigger the finished product will be

Fold the paper like an accordion
When you are done folding use your string and tie the middle. Leave the string long so you can hang it.
Cut the ends into a shape that you prefer.

Separate and create the desired look
Finished Look

Please check HERE Command's Website for more information on Products, Prjects and How to 's.

Click HERE for Coupons!

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