Thursday, July 9, 2015

Redd's Apple Ale Houseparty!

I Love There has been so many cool parties and I have been lucky enough to get in on a few of them, just from signing up a few months ago. Signing up and agreeing to terms such as posting pictures and having a party of the selected theme is all it takes! I was selected to receive the Redd's Apple Ale Party Pack. Redd's Apple Ale and Discovery's Shark Week teamed up to give this great pack.

It included:
Beach Balls
Foam Cooler

Shark week is awesome to watch and this party pack was awesome to have while watching the week long shows. I don't normally drink and I thought Redd's Apple Ale was pretty good! We had a little pool party and I  gave my guests some of the cool items! Thanks again +House Party we enjoyed this very much!!! +ReddsAppleAle #sponsored #SharkWeekWithRedds #sharkweek2015

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