Thursday, July 30, 2015

Crest® 3D White™ Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System Review!

The Crest® 3D White™ Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System is definitely a different experience than your average toothpaste. Crest® 3D White contains whitening technologies so advanced, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for regular ‘ol toothpaste.
Step 1 is a Deep Cleansing Toothpaste that prepares your teeth. Step 2 is a Whitening Finisher that brings out your smile’s true beauty. Together, they keep your smile up to 99% as white as a professional polish.* Say hello to beauty’s new power couple.
*With daily use. Stain assessed 4 weeks after...
We all know how much teeth whitening costs-- professionally in the hundreds and some over the counter can be a bit pricey! On average this system is about $15!! With just one use I could see such a big difference! I however did not like the feeling of the whitening finisher on my teeth, but after using it my mouth was fine. I could see how much whiter my teeth were and that was more important. I am continuing to use this daily and with every brush my teeth look whiter and professionally clean. I would recommend this product!

I am trying this product for free thanks to Crest! All opinions are 100% my own! #gotitfree #bzzagent

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