Monday, January 25, 2016

Minecraft Birthday!

When it comes to my children's birthday parties.. I really love to do as much as i can to make their day something special. My son loves Minecraft! Books, clothing, toys, games... So for his 8th birthday he wanted to have a Minecraft themed party! So this is what we did...

Grass block cake
Slime balls (cake pops)
TNT (Licorice)
Lava (Red Jello)
Water (Blue Jello)
Red Stone (Strawberries)
Potato (Chips)
Cookies (Cookies)
Sticks (Pretzels)
Gold (Chocolate Nuggets)
Melon (Water Melon)

The paper grass was such a cool added touch.. I purchased it on Amazon

Questions/Comments Welcomed!


  1. Thank you so much for posting these ideas. My son enjoys Minecraft and would LOVE for me to do this for his next birthday!

  2. Wow this party set up looks great! I have several family members who are Minecraft fans, so I have to remember these ideas! Thanks for sharing. Everything looks perfect!


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