Tuesday, November 10, 2015

JOHNSON’S® baby BEDTIME® Product Review!

Help baby sleep better.* 
 Releases  NATURALCALM® essences special blend of gentle and calming aromas.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN MILDNESS formula is gentle enough for use once a day
  • Dermatologist-tested and pediatrician-tested
  • Sometimes babies have trouble sleeping. JOHNSON’S® baby BEDTIME® bubble bath and wash combines NATURALCALM® essences with lots of bubbles and our extra gentle NO MORE TEARS® formula. Combine gentle and calming aromas during bubble bathtime to help your baby sleep better.*
    *Treat your baby to a warm bubble bath, a gentle massage using JOHNSON’S® Baby BEDTIME® Lotion, and a few minutes of quiet time to help your baby drift off to a better night’s sleep.
    Clinically shown to last all night long to leave your baby’s skin feeling touchably soft and smooth.
    Sometimes babies have trouble sleeping. This nighttime routine is proven to help your baby go to sleep easier and sleep better through the night in just 7 days.
    The JOHNSON’S® 3-Step BEDTIME® Routine is the only clinically proven routine to help babies and toddlers 7 to 36 months sleep better in just one week. The routine includes a Warm Bath, Lotion Massage, and Quiet Time, like reading a book or listening to a lullaby. 

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    • We love Johnson baby products! I have always used and trusted this brand for over 8 years now. I did not try the Bed Time product line so I happy to use it and review it. First thing I noticed was the smell, I really love how it smells and so did my son. Overall, it made his skin feel and smell amazing. It was really soft. Within the first five days actually I did notice how much more comfortable feeling he got when it was time for bed. We would do a bath, lotion and read his favorite book. I do Believe it made him fall sleep better. He has always had a problem going to bed. So thanks to Johnson I was able to try this out and Love it!
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