Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Natural Choices Cleaners!

Since becoming a mom I love finding products that are healthy for my family. Using eco friendly products are not only beneficial for us but for the entire world. Using  "green" products not only help your environment but its will set up a better environment for our future generations!

I came across a company called Pacific Sands Inc. where they make eco friendly products -- Natural Choices cleaners as well as Eco One natural-based, chlorine-free spa and pool treatments. Their products are all environmentally safe, effective, and packaged in recyclable materials and make them all in Wisconsin! 

They have sent me some products to try and review!

Powdered Laundry Detergent

OXY-Prime is safe on colors and brightens whites. It's effective with all water temperatures. 
OXY-Prime’s cleaning power is enhanced with the proven oxygen cleaning power of OXY-Boost. 
Rinses completely and decomposes almost immediately in the environment leaving no toxic by-products or phosphates. 
No perfumes, dyes, fillers or artificial brighteners.  It works great for people with sensitive skin and allergies.  
• Quickly breaks down to naturally occurring components
• No VOC’s, phosphates or chlorine
• Biodegradable surfactants
• No ‘optical brighteners’
• Fragrance free

*This product right now is on sale for 6.99 on their website. Please give it a try! I have only used this a few times since receiving it a week ago and i love it! My sons socks here pictured is one great example on how great it works. It left the socks so much brighter without the toxic chemicals found in other laundry detergents. Perfect for my son who has sensitive skin!
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                       Glass Cleaner

Simple, Safe and Effective! 
No ammonia, solvent, alcohol or dangerous glycol ether.
  • Same cleaning power of those other brands without the chemical soup shortcuts.
  • No chemical smell at all.
  • Nothin' but streak-free, fog-free shine 
  • Not tested on Animals 
  • Recyclable Packaging
* No strong smell, left my bathroom mirrors completely streak free and cleaned them nicely! Its so clean I can clearly see the reflection shadows of the bottle and my phone!

                            Mineral Magic

Removes calcium, lime scale and rust stains quickly, easily and safely.
Mineral Magic is a non-toxic formulation, using non-corrosive organic solutions that are effective on the hardest of lime, rust and calcium buildups both inside and outside your home.
It's a fast acting, powerful formula with no rubbing or scrubbing.
Recommend for use in well ventilated area.

* This one has a strong smell but with proper ventilation its not a problem. I have lime and calcium buildup in my shower and toilet. Its irritating because everything else is always clean but it seems that I can not get the toilet completely rid of the lime and calcium corrosion. I mean I have used everything on the market today lysol, kaboom, and a few others but NOTHING has ever worked.  So I went and sprayed this in my toilet and I seriously couldn't believe that within in minutes it was remarkably clean, Like NEVER BEFORE. It really is magic!

Please check out their website today and use BlogLover15% at checkout to receive 15 percent off your entire order!!

 I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample for my review. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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