Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gorilla® Packaging Tape Review

Gorilla® Packaging Tape is the ultimate solution for moving, shipping and storage. Keeping packages secure now takes JUST ONE STRIP™ with this thicker, tougher and wider tape! The smooth, quiet release tape is water and temperature resistant, allowing it to hold-up through a variety of conditions. Applying Gorilla® Packaging tape is a quick and effortless with the durable, easy to refill dispenser that cuts tape with ease making Gorilla® Packaging Tape the perfect solution for all of your packing needs.

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I received Gorilla Tape and dispenser free with Smiley360! I was very excited to try this tape! I always find a use for heavy duty tape. Here i had to seal up some boxes. I never heard of this brand until i was given this opportunity. I will give this tape a try and continue to use it. I think it definitely is a good tape in comparison to other leading brands. It works and does the job. I didn't dislike anything about it! i would recommend it! #Just1Strip

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