Thursday, May 7, 2015

Blossom Vox Box

I received a Blossom Vox from Influenster for free! I got many cool items to try:

Clairol hair food shampoo
Australian 30spf sunscreen lotion
NYC city 24 waterproof eyeshadow 
Sally Hansen airbrush legs leg makeup
2 bear naked granola- Coconut Almond Curry & Caramel Apple with Sea Salt
Nasoya Pasta Zero Spaghetti
2 bags Beanito Chips- Original Black Bean w/sea salt and Chipotle BBQ
And coupons and a eBay gift card offer 

*I loved the hair food shampoo! With just two uses my hair feels silky, smooth and extra clean!! The smell is amazing by the way. Added benefits: its Silicone Free, Paraben Free and Mineral Oil Free! This can be purchased at Target and if interested here is the link Click Here

*Australian 30SPF sunscreen lotion- pleasant smell, absorbed well and definitely lasted! Sun is out and summer is on the way, get this to help protect your skin from the harsh sun! It can be purchased directly on Australian Gold's Website  Click Here @influenster @AusGoldSPF #LivetheGoldLife #contest

*NYC city 24 waterproof eyeshadow in Brooklyn mocha - great waterproof eyeshadow. I like that it was shaped like a crayon, easier to apply! Stayed on for 24 hrs and didn't seem to smudge. Love this makeup!

*Sally Hansen leg makeup- I didn't like the shade, it had a strong unpleasant odor. It did stay on for a little while but was hard to blend perfectly.

*Bear Naked Granola - Coconut Almond Curry & Caramel Apple with Sea Salt
My favorite one was the Caramel Apple, it had a nice mixture of sweet and salty! Now my husband on the other hand tried the Coconut Almond Curry and he liked that one. I have tried other Bear Naked Food products and I highly recommend!

*Nasoya Pasta Zero- This wasnt my favorite, it tasted OKAY.. but i prefer regular spaghetti. The kids loved it. If your looking for low calorie, low carb, gluten free then this is right for you!

Beanito Chips- Original Black Bean w/sea salt and Chipotle BBQ- My favorite one was the Chipotle BBQ. These chips are a great healthy alternative to regular chips, such bold flavor, I loved them. High Fiber, No msg, corn free, no preservatives, 4g of protein, and gluten fee!   

i received these items free to try and all opinions are all my own!

Thank you to Influenster for this opportunity! +Influenster #blossomvoxbox

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