Monday, April 27, 2015

Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza Review


Red Baron® Brick Oven pizza is cooked in a fiery 800-degree brick oven to create a crust that’s crispy, bubbly and perfectly golden-brown. Topped with robust sauce and premium cheeses and meats, these delicious pizzas will get the whole family fired up. Don’t make reservations or wait for delivery – simply look for the Red Baron® pizza box featuring a fiery brick oven at your local grocery store then cook up a pizza with authentic Brick Oven taste at home.

 Red Baron® Brick Oven pizza is perfect to bring family together around the table

 I received:
  • A coupon for a FREE Red Baron® Brick Oven pizza
  • Pass-along coupons to share with fellow pizza lovers
  • Red Baron cooking apron
Pizza is a all time favorite food in my household. With the kids getting older and so many schedules in this house I find it becoming more difficult to always have dinner done on time before we need to head out the door and fast food is not an option. I could cook something for dinner and not everyone would want it so pizza is something we all can agree we LOVE! I used my free coupon and purchased a Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza and we had it for dinner. We enjoyed sitting down at the table as a family and eating our yummy pizza! It was so good! I loved the authentic taste! I would definitely recommend. I gave me coupons to family members so they could taste and share their experiences as well!

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